Xercher NFTs

How to get the most from theXerberus Application.

You can read more about the NFTs in this Medium article.

Key Features of the New Xercher NFT Utility:

  1. Contribution: Share your research on the Xerberus platform and become a thought leader in the community. Find your special niche and dominate it with your knowledge. Provide long reports or add tiny but important details to existing works and earn a reputation for your actions as they are appreciated by the community using the platform.

  2. Node Operations: Host a Xerberus Node and become part of the network’s infrastructure. The number of NFTs you need will depend on their rarity (1%,3%,5%,8%,13%,20%, and 50%); for example, a single 1% NFT (the rarest NFTs) will be enough to run a node. There will be a dynamic NFT requirement model (combination of different NFT rarities) based on the network growth, which will be published closer to the time and will explain more about node hosting in more detail. Earn a reputation as a node provider and earn the rewards it generates.

  3. Reward System: Exchange your reputation for $XER tokens at regular intervals and earn a reward for your work in the community. $XER tokens are part of a larger economy; read about the economy and the natural demand for $XER tokens in our white paper.

  4. Premium Access: Enjoy exclusive alpha features that enhance your ability to build especially powerful portfolios.

  5. Report Access: Xercher NFT holders will always have priority access to new reports before public access, which may contain information regarding a token/project that may be of benefit.

  6. $XER Allocation: All NFTs will receive an allocation for the public sale. Additionally, all NFTs have a chance of airdrop based on their rarity, whereby 1% of NFTs have a guaranteed airdrop. We will publish more information about the token launch in 2024.

You will need a Cardano Wallet, such as the Eternl Wallet, and you will need to buy the Xercher NFT. For example, you can purchase the Xercher NFT on the secondary market on JPG Store. There is no other way to access the Legacy Application at this point. This might change as we merge both applications at a later stage. However, for now, this is it.

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