Incoming / Outgoing Wallets

How many new wallets does this token gain or loss per day?

This chart helps to understand the direction in which investors are headed. The red line indicates outgoing investors, while the gray line indicates incoming investors.

If the gray line is above the red line, it indicates a net gain of investors on that particular day if the red line is above the gray line, like in the example below, the token is losing holders daily.

🏗️ Note to the current Xerberus Version

You will see some Tokens that have a growing number of wallets on the Holders over time chart despite having negative daily balances on the incoming/outgoing wallet. This bug is known to us due to our way of labeling wallets. The surplus in outgoing wallets is due to Exchange Wallets moving their balances daily to new ones. This known issue will be fixed with the next major upgrade.

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