Creatures Categories

Where are the whales?

The sea creature category is a long-standing favorite for many users for basic crypto analytics; therefore, we also provide them to you. Please be aware that we have our size definition for these terms. That means you might be a different sea creature on our scale than on other platforms.

🚨 We measure our categories in ADA value. Thus, low-cap tokens might not have whales. There might be wallets that can cause the price of a token to change due to their relatively large share in a token. However, the absence of "Whales measured in ADA" informs you that no single person owns a truly large position in a specific token. Since this measurement is in ADA, it also changes dynamically based on the ADA value a token has.

Find below the list of creators and the corresponding ADA balance

  • Microbes: Amount < 2

  • Shrimp: Amount >= 2 AND amount < 1,000

  • Fish: Amount >= 1,000 AND amount < 10,000

  • Dolphin: Amount >= 10,000 AND amount < 100,000

  • Shark: Amount >= 100,000 AND amount < 1,000,000

  • Whale: Amount >= 1,000,000 AND amount < 10,000,000

  • Leviathan: Amount >= 10,000,000

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