Token Distribution Over Time

One Graph to visualize all token movements

A normalized area graph visually represents various categories of wallets over time, using different colors to distinguish between them.

  • Black = Restricted Supply.

    • Tokens in Treasury Wallets that have not issued any tokens to the market.

    • Tokens in lost Wallets that

    • Tokens

  • Blue = Collecting Supply

    • Tokens in Wallets that DCA into a token.

    • Tokens in Wallets that received airdrops / ISPO allocation but keep holding.

  • Pink = Trading Supply.

    • Tokens in Wallets that regularly sell and buy.

  • Yellow = Distributing Supply.

    • Tokens in wallets that constantly distribute/issue tokens, such as

      • Treasury Wallets to maintain operations.

      • Team Wallets for cash out

      • Insider / Early Investor wallets for cash out

Each category extends from confidence level 0 (low confidence) to level 5 (high confidence), allowing viewers to observe the changing proportions of these activities over time and the associated confidence levels. This type of graph provides a clear snapshot of how different categories evolve while incorporating the level of confidence in the the general attributes of the other parties holding a token.

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