Wallet Labels

Wallet profiling is issued following several behavioral criteria


A treasury wallet is usually created close to the creation of a project and also carries the shared assets of, e.g., a DAO or company.

Liquidity Pool

Liquidity pools are often smart contract wallets holding assets, e.g., a DEX. These wallets are special because they pool transactions from many different users.


A transmission wallet mainly transfers assets within a more extensive architecture. E.gDEXs and CEXs almost always have a transmission wallet.


Team wallets are associated with known founders or employees of projects in our ecosystem.


A whale is a user carrying a significant amount (0.8% of total supply) of tokens of a project and is not associated with any other category.

OG Unidentified Wallets

These wallets are associated with the first community members of a project and received a significant portion of initial distribution on or near mint day. This is a category intended to catch any unknown angel investors or initial investors who may be primarily interested in exiting a project for their own interests.

Top 25 Unidentified Holders

The most significant 25 holders of an asset in terms of size of holdings that are not identified within other categories.

Top 25 Unidentified Traders

The most significant 25 addresses with the highest transaction amount of an asset that are not identified within other categories.


These wallets appear to fall under a vesting schedule of some kind.


Wallets that are unknown but not among the most prominent wallets in an ecosystem. Some of them might carry ADA Handles.