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Price Estimator

Input your price estimations to see Xerberus estimations
Find the Price Estimator under the tap of the same name.
To input your estimate for a particular asset, locate the blue "edit" field on the right and click on it. As you provide your estimate, the Xerberus estimations for that asset will progressively unlock.
  • Get a price estimate and see how it stacks up against Xerberus. If your estimate proves to be more accurate than Xerberus', you'll gain a reputation boost that will lead to higher status and, ultimately, rewards.
  • Please note that we'll be replacing our price API with Orcfax soon. Until then, there may be a significant variance between the estimated and actual prices.
  • The estimated values have a range limit of 0 to 250, which means that any value entered above or below this range will be automatically adjusted to the nearest limit value. In other words, if a value outside the 0-250 range is entered, it will be rounded up or down to the nearest valid limit value within that range.
Please note that Xerberus estimations are a result of the collective opinion of all participating researchers. We will soon provide more updated estimations.